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The Korat

The Good Luck cat from Thailand


catgifThe Korat cat originates from the North Eastern province of Thailand called Korat. The Thai people also call the cat Si-Sawat, because its colour is the same as that of the seeds of the sawat fruit, an inedible fruit that grows in Thailand.

In Thailand the Korat is seen as being a good luck cat, because it has the colour of rainclouds, silver sheen as money, and eyes the colour of newly sprung rice - everything points towards wealth. In an old poem it is said that the Korat has body colour as the seeds of the sawat fruit, the fur is smooth with roots like clouds and tips like silver. The eyes shine like dewdrops on a lotus leaf. Things can't be described more poetically!

The Thai people value the Korat as a symbol of good luck so highly that the cats are given as gifts to people who are respected greatly. The owner values his Korat so much, he locks his house when he leaves. This is not usual in Thailand, but he doesn't want to lose his Korat for anything in the world!

The Korat is a pure-bred breed, but contrary to other breeds it is pure-bred through nature. The breed has its special beauty from roaming freely in natural surroundings for centuries - without human interference.

The Korat's ancestor is a jungle cat, still living in the most remote parts of Thailand. In this free life, the Korat has chosen its own partners. According to the rules of nature that would mean only the best and strongest cats would survive to continue the species.

The Korat's body is supple and compact. It is created for jumping and with a stamina and a springiness as was it made of steel.

The head is strong, as it is seen in wild cats. In the dense jungle the soft lines of the body have helped the Korat hunt quietly and imperceptibly.

The eyes, which are very big and luminescent, have also facilitated hunting. They vary in colour from being golden-green in daylight to having an emerald-green shine at night. No matter the colour, the eyes are always aware and watchful - they appear to be a mysterious source of wisdom of the time long ago in the far away Asian country, Thailand.

The large eyes are protected by a bone ridge that goes over the eyes down to the broad cheek bones. It is this "eyebrow bone" that gives the Korat the special heart-shaped. The short, slightly downward bent nose and the strongly developed muzzle with a strong chin support the heart shape. Above the eyebrow bone, there is a ridge (especially found with older males), which is also seen on the Thai leopard.

The ears, which are placed high on the head, are large and broad at the base. They are always turned directly at the interesting sound. The Korat's sound sensitivity makes it important to accustom the cat to the noises of the home gradually.


The Korat has a fabulous temper. It loves and has a special sense of being around people - it will enjoy participating in all chores. The Korat loves to play - either with itself or a toy - but the best games are played in company with a human. Even though things can get rough during play, it is very careful. It is a wise cat and has no problems fitting into a family. How much they talk varies - some talk only when their food bowl is empty or they want attention, others comment everything that happens. One thing is certain - one is never left in doubt, when they are trying to achieve something!

In Thailand, the Korat has been bred for many years, but only 30 years ago did the first pair of Korats come to US. Since the number of Korats in US has grown substantially - several more cats from Thailand have also been imported. All Korats must be able to trace their ancestry back to Thailand, or they aren't Korats. That way one can claim that the Korat is one of the few original breeds left. The first Korat in Denmark, Sawat's Kirilin, came from Norway in 1992 - the Korat has been bred in Norway for 25 years.

Camilla Baird Primprau's Korat Cattery © 2003


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