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History of Litters

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catgifLet's see... it all started with "rescuing" Kitty in 1992, GIC Sawat's Kirilin, from a boarding cattery, where she had been abandoned by her owners. I got to know her breeder, Anita Hem, Sawat's Korats, in Norway and Elfi Kleive, Pimai Korats - the pioneer of Korats in FIFe.

I had close contact with Anita and Elfi. Elfi wanted to import a stud from USA - IC IP. Yang Chen Ma Hoo Who's, DM, bred by Maureen Cray, but didn't want to put him through quarantine. The quarantine rules in Norway had just changed, so that if the cat stayed in EU for a year and passed the bloodtest for rabies antibodies, he could enter Norway without quarantine. Elfi asked me if I wanted to breed from Kitty. I wasn't sure at first. Then she made me an offer that was hard to refuse - if I kept Hoo for some months, I would be allowed to use him for Kitty once for the inconvenience. This was an interesting aspect, so I accepted.


This litter in 1994 was a first in many ways - a first for Kitty, a first for Hoo, and a first for me! After a long period of Kitty hating Hoo, she finally gave in for his charms - for he is a charming boy! The result was 4 lovely kittens - 4 girls:

The success of this first litter gave me courage to have a second litter a year later. It had been difficult to sell the first kittens, the Korat being a new breed in Denmark and all, but the interest from breeders around Europe in these kittens was very encouraging. I decided to concentrate on breeding as high quality kittens as I could with the most diverse pedigrees I could find.

In the meantime news about GM (read more about GM here) had surfaced, but as there was no solution to the problem I decided to keep breeding carefully - no close matings...


So in 1995, the next stud came from Finland, IC Kattihovin Ou Vinh Cam-Ranh, bred by Palvi Niemi, owned by Outi Niemi. Kuppelli was also a "novice", so it would be very interesting to see how he performed as a stud. The result was 5 kittens - 3 girls and 2 boys:

Selling this litter was easier. People were opening their eyes for the beauty of the Korat, so I decided Kitty should have one last litter, before it was Emmy's turn. In 1997, I decided to use Hoo again, as I regretted bitterly not having kept a kitten from the first litter. I was hoping for a girl for myself, but what did I get?? Two beautiful and enormous boys

  • Primprau's No Challenge Too Great - Charlie is a very beautiful pet, who unfortunately doesn't like to be shown. His family chose him when he was 3 weeks old... I wanted to keep him till he had mated Emmy.
  • Primprau's Wait, Watch and Win! - Webcat is a stud in US with Ann Segrest, Kiriki Korats, at the moment. He will be my stud for a while, when he comes back as he is normal for both GMs.

Just around New Year 1998, the third GM case in Italy occurred. This indicated strongly that Kitty was a carrier of GM1, so the planned mating between Charlie and Emmy was postponed until there was a way to detect carriers.As it turned out, Charlie and Emmy took things into their own paws during this period of doubt and distress... This litter worried me, as I knew that both parents could be carriers and any resulting kittens could be affected.

In February 1998, I took Emmy and Charlie to Italy to have them GMtested. Dr. Castagnaro had developed a DNAtest for GM2 and was working on one for GM1. After a very long wait for the results, it turned out that both Charlie and Emmy carried GM1. In the meantime, Dr. Baker in USA had been contacted. He had worked with GM1 in cats for many years and welcomed this opportunity to share his knowledge and help the Korat. Charlie's and Emmy's boys were tested by Dr. Baker - after a long wait, their results finally came when the kittens were 6 months old and getting to be mature! Emil was a GM1 carrier and was consequently neutered and moved in with Charlie. Chance was normal for both GMs - a result noone had dared dream of! (For a full list of Primprau's Korats and their GM1 & GM2 results click here.) Chance was offered as a stud to breeders who were also testing their Korats - Jen Lacey in UK had just neutered her stud and was looking for a new one. Chance's pedigree was interesting to the UK lines, so we made arrangements to import him to UK through the Balai directive (read more about how we did that here).


When Charlie was 6,5 months old he sired his only litter of 2 boys:

Emmy's first planned litter was a very international and well planned project. The chosen stud for my 1999 litter was CFA GRC Mayopun Chakotay of Kiriki, bred by Juanita Carlson, owned by Ann Segrest in US. Chakotay was chosen for his interesting lines and because he was normal for both GMs. This mating resulted in 4 kittens - one boy, three girls:

  • Primprau's Suay Bangnara - Bonnie is now a spayed pet in Copenhagen. Bonnie had a difficult period as a small kitten with a flattened chest and an inverted sternum - she seems to have overcome these difficulties very well, though she will probably always be quite small.
  • Primprau's Suay Rambutan - Rosie is living with Bonnie as a spayed pet - I hope to see her on the show bench once in a while.
  • Primprau's Suay Phichit - Sushi is a neutered pet in Copenhagen, who might have a promising on the show bench one day, in spite of his invisible kink.
  • Primprau's Suay Kanchanaburi - Buri is my future queen. She is developping well and is normal for both Gms.

All Primprau's kittens are handled from birth and participate in the doings of the house. My queens often choose to give birth in a cat-bed placed in my bed. When the kittens are old enough we (my queen and I) agree to moving the cat-bed into the play pen in the living room, so the kittens can start to investigate the world around them in safe surroundings. They stay in the play pen till they can find the litter tray every time or till they figure out how to crawl out of it themselves...

From this litter, I kept Primprau’s Suay Kanchanburi (Buri) as my future queen. 
Johnny Stjernström in Sweden and Bernd Pollesche, Kobalt Korats, Germany had decided that Anéas av Kalhammaren (Silver) should move from Sweden to Germany as a stud. As I needed a stud for Emmy and Buri, I offered to transport Silver from Sweden to Germany in exchange for two matings (which turned out to be three).

Emmy had 1 litter with Silver – not a very successful one :Only two out of 6 survived. These two are now neutered and pampered pets in Germany.
Buri had two litters with Silver.

The first litter was two boys –

As I was hoping for a girl for myself, I wanted to try this mating again...

The second litter was 4 kittens – 3 Korats and 1 bluepoint XSH. All these kittens were placed as pets. Buri was neutered after this litter – she had moved to Italy for her second litter, as she needed her own family with fewer dominant females.


I still had Tammy unneutered, as his pedigree represents all I have worked for for 10 years and more. This XSH sister in Italy meant that the probability of Tammy carrying the bluepoint gene was there, so I decided to have him testmated.

As this is very difficult to do in FIFe (the kittens can’t be registered), I contacted KCA for help.

A Thai Bluepoint breeder in Wales, Jane Couch, Jasumik Korats and Thai Bluepoints, was kind enough to offer to help. This project has taken 2 years, as we decided to testmate Tammy for carrying chocolate/lilac also, since Jane also had a lilac queen. As things look, it would seem that Tammy does not carry chocolate/lilac or bluepoint! I will be bringing him back to Denmark after the KCA Show April, 2004.

Before Tammy moved to Wales, he mated Chumaki Thaiprincess. 4 lovely females resulted.

  • Primprau’s Wai Akita stayed in Denmark as a neutered female. She is shown with great success.
  • Primprau’s Wai Alexandrite moved to Belgium with Esther Vanvlierbergen, Ngam Kittibun, as a breeding queen. Unfortunately, she had to be spayed due to pyometra before she had a litter. :(
  • Primprau’s Wai Sii Fah is a neutered female living in US with a British couple. She is really teaching them what Korats are all about.
  • Primprau’s Wai Ya Wun Jai is a breeding female in Finland with Annukka and Tomi Pahkala, Tiny Korats.

Princess needed to be mated again. I decided to use Jing’s Thai Sing who lives in Germany. This mating resulted in 6 healthy kittens (4 boys, 2 girls) – one with a kink and one with a white spot. Some of the boys are developping scattered white hairs as they grow older. All kittens in this litter are placed as neutered pets – 2 in US, 2 in Sweden, and 2 in Denmark.

My planned matings for 2004 are:

Skarraghbrae Gigolo of Primprau x Kiriki Veni Vidi Visa of Primprau

Chiang Mai Pen x Chumaki Thaiprincess

Gigolo is my Canadian import, bred by Ailsa Stark, Skarraghbrae Korats. He has mated two females in Norway and went for a few matings in Finland. While in Finland, he found the perfect home there. So, he is now living as a family member with 3 Korat male neuters and having a ball!

Pen is an import from Thailand, bred by Professor Edward Rose, Chiang Mai Cattery. Elfi Kleive, Pimai Korats, Norway imported him to help Korat breeders in Europe.

The Pentecoste litter:

catgif1 MacGiulia Lilly had 2 kittens on April 3. 2011. 1 male, Primprau's Aprilili Aries and 1 female, Primprau's Aprilili Aria. Click on the pictures below to see the films.

The first film is the girl, the second is the boy.


Kobalt Happy Kaleb


MacGiulia Lilly

Photo: Sanela Jenic


The kittens are now 14 days old

Primprau's Aprilili Aries





Primprau's Aprilili Aria





3 weeks old





Today the kittens have experienced their first big move - from the bed to the floor in a very protected environment, a Sturdi Habitat. Neither they nor Lily are quite ready to skip the birthing box yet, but they are ready to get out of our bed ;-) Lilly seems quite happy with the new arrangement.


4 weeks old




Primprau's Aprilili Aria




Primprau's Aprilili Aries

6 weeks old

Primprau's Aprilili Aria



Primprau's Aprilili Aries



Camilla Baird Primprau's Korat Cattery © 2003

Pictures in this page:

1. GIC. Sawat's Kirilin

2. IC. IP. Yang Chen Ma Hoo Who's, DM

3. EC. Primprau's Blue Emerald

4. Primprau's No Challenge Too Great

5. CFA GRC Mayopun Chakotay of Kiriki

6. Primprau's Suay Kanchanaburi

7. Primprau's Palla di Neve, XSH Blue Point

8. Anéas av Anéas av Kalhammaren







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