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RIP Primprau’s Silver Tamruat 21.7.2000

In the spring 2000 Tammy was born in my semi-detached house in Holbæk. He was the first “homemade” male kitten, I chose to keep as a stud. Even as a kitten he had a special charm and a great self-confidence that won over the hearts of many when they met him at home or at shows. Late in life he impressed the judges at TICA shows, which he loved.

He was a very active stud - especially in UK, where he was testmated for recessive colours (it was before the DNA test). With 50+ blue kittens from matings with blue/bluepointed/lilac/bluepoint carrier/chocolate carrier/carriers of both bluepoint and chocolate females, we agreed he probably didn’t carry points or chocolate, in spite of having a beautiful bluepoint full-sister. He passed on his temper and a lot of his good looks onto his offspring. He will often be found a few generations back in the pedigrees of my current and retired breeding cats. He has meant a lot to my breeding program.

He was at stud till his 7th year – somewhat longer than my studs are active in general – he didn’t seem stressed. Though he sprayed A LOT! The same day (or so memory has it) he was neutered, he by some miracle stopped spraying, so we took him into the house. Not many ex-studs can be integrated into a group, but I knew in my heart Tammy would tackle that challenge also – I simply couldn’t place him in a new home. Luckily, I also had Anakot to help – she quickly taught him the house rules. We called them “the old married couple” – they were inseparable. Together, the two of them maintained a stable hierarchy in the group. Conflicts were toned down – so also in that way Tammy was a great active for the cattery.

A few years ago Tammy had his teeth removed in two tempi due to FORL. He had his corner teeth and the small front teeth left. In the fall of 2012 he was diagnosed with LPGS (chronic gingivitis) that had crawled into his throat after the teeth were removed. He was impossible to give pills, so the only possible “treatment” was injections – he was given a cortisone depot and convenia as needed with regular blood tests for organ function and eventual diabetes. 6 weeks ago the blood test showed the first signs of an organ working overtime – the liver! This time he didn’t get the usual boost from the cortisone depot – the last week he was very apathetic. We had an appointment for a new cortisone depot and blood tests today. The vet looked at Tammy, listened to his lungs, and immediately sent us on to emergency x-ray and scanning. The x-ray showed so much fluid between the parietal pleurae that the lungs were pushed up into a corner of the chest cavity. This could be caused by various diagnoses that could only be determined by autopsy. The autopsy showed many small changes in the lymphoid tissue – diagnosis: lymphoid cancer that had spread to the parietal pleura. Heart, lungs, kidneys – and even the liver – were healthy! (The liver was a bit smaller than usual but that might as well be an expected age deterioration as a side effect of the long administration of cortisone.)

While we were waiting for the xrays, we decided that the most loving Valentine’s Day’s gift we could give Tammy was peace from more suffering. Unfortunately, this decision was necessary to execute.







F.I.Fe. World Winner 1999 and 2000










The Korat is the silverblue good luck cat of Thailand. Its coat is described as a raincloud with a silver lining and its eyes as dewdrops on a lotus leaf or young rice – symbols of wealth for a rice farmer.

The Korat is very affectionate and needs close contact with its family (humans and pets) to be happy - an endearing nick is "heat-seaking missiles". They happily offer a helping paw or nose in all activities. The world rotates around them, if they get the upper paw - rules learned with firm love are a must! The Korat does not suffer in silence - however, it is individual how vocal they are.

Welcome to Primprau's Korats


These pages are dedicated to Victor - without him I would never have found the Korat and all my good friends in the cat fancy.



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