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FIFe World Show 2000

Another Korat Triumph!

catgifI am not sure where to start - I am confused and exhausted - and alone. Just like last year at this time... just this time it is in Prague.

My stay in Prague started Friday night. The cats and I were installed at the hotel after a pleasant flight from Copenhagen.

Saturday morning, we arrived at the show by shuttle bus from the hotel - the hall was very large and airy. The cats were caged in alphabetical order according to the owners' sirnames - simple!

Donatella and I found each other after some time - the bus from Milan was rather delayed.

We discovered that our judge was Mme. Milcent from France - a very nice lady who handles the cats well (apart from having a bad habit of holding the cats like small babies - holding them under their front legs with their bodies hanging down - not a position Korats enjoy much :))) ), though she doesn't have much experience judging Korats to our knowledge. There were 23 cats of different breeds to be judged before it was out turn, so we found a place to have breakfast and chat - we had a lot of catching up to do. :))) After having had lunch, Mme. Milcent called up the Korats

First one up was EC Primprau's Blue Emerald (aka Emmy) for her Honorary Prize - to my surprise Emmy was on her best behaviour and not mouthing off as usual. :)))

Then it was GIC Jadeye's Arrogance for CACE - she got her CACE and her European Champion title! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Primprau's Suay Kanchanaburi (aka Buri) followed for CAC - she also behaved very well though she was a bit more uneasy.

Jadeye Caput Mundi (aka CM) was next - impressive style!

Last but not least was WW99 EC/GIP Primprau's Meo Hao for CAPE.

All Korats got their points. There were 4 Korats eligible for Best In Variety (BIV) - Emmy, Arrogance, Buri and CM. Unfortunately (and to our great surprise) Arrogance was not even considered - it took Mme. Milcent 15 minutes (it felt like ages) to decide whom she preferred of the adult females - the choice there was between Emmy and Buri. She finally decided for Emmy, but the BIV went to CM - CONGRATULATIONS!

We were surprised by this turnout as we had expected the BIV to go to either Arrogance or Emmy. CM is very promising, but on the day one of the two adults would have been a more appropriate choice in our opinion.

When Mme. Milcent made her NOMs she called back Emmy and CM - both lost to two beautiful silvertabby British Shorthairs.

NOW for Meo's triumph! She got her CAPE and was NOM - Mme. Milcent had one other female neuter who wasn't even considered.


It was a VERY LONG wait for the panels to start Sunday morning.

Changing to summer time that night threw everyone's planning a bit. The Shorthair panel was the last one up as some judges had to leave early. As the time for the Shorthair panel drew closer, our nerves were building up. Biagio - Meo's personal steward - was ready to handle Meo in the panel in the best way possible - this was a great comfort!

Finally, the Shorthair Female Neuter panel started - 7 judges, 8 NOM female neuters - two British Shorthairs, two Burmese, 2 Cornish Rexes, a Russian Blue, and Meo. Meo had 3 votes - this was enough to make her BIS Shorthair Neuter Female!

Then the Male Neuter panel - the multiple World Winner Finnish Somali won that.

The judges had the same tough choice as last year - who should be BIS Shorthair Neuter??

The Somali won BIS, Meo won BOX - same result as last year!

WW99 WW00 EC.GIP. Primprau's Meo Hao did it again!


BOX Shorthair Neuter at the FIFe World Show!


EC.EP. Primprau's Meo Hao
FIFe World Winner 1999 & 2000

Donatella and I and Biagio were ecstatic!

May this success indicate many more great wins for Korats around the world in the future!


(the very proud breeder of a double World Winner Korat!)


Hi all,

Well, Camilla said it all already. And thanks for that detailed report! What else can I say? Having a WW once is already something special, but twice is almost impossible to explain... I'm still flying high and the pictures of those moments are in my mind since then... I can't think of nothing else now...

In three weeks there will be a cat show here in Italy where "Camilla" will hopefully get her last CAPE point and become EP. That will be her last show, then she will retire from competition. There couldn't have been a better way to finish a show career: back from a WS and with a WW title again!

At this point I want to thank the Judges who made this second WW title possible!

Thanks also to the Show Managers for this great World Show!

Thanks to my good friends who have been near me, supporting my cat and myself so much and sharing with me the joy of that special moment!

A special thanks from the bottom of my heart to Camilla, my "two legged" friend (gg), for THIS VERY SPECIAL KORAT!!!

I'm proud of my girl: WW1999, WW2000, GIP. EC. Primprau's Meo Hao, and confident for the future of this special breed!



Camilla Baird Primprau's Korat Cattery © 2003







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