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Pedigree of

Skarraghbrae Gigolo of Primprau

Korat male, born on October 10th, 2001, bred by Ailsa Stark, Canada


Photo by Preben Kittelmann

About Gigolo:

Skarraghbrae Gigolo of Primprau (aka Gigolo) is also quite international already. He is bred in Winnepeg, Manitoba by Ailsa Stark (Skarraghbrae) and is now living in Kokkedal, Denmark – he has a future as a stud in Sweden, Norway, and possibly Finland.

Gigolo is a bit careful in new situations, but his curiosity and need of attention soon gets the better of him. 
He is a very social cat – he must have human or feline company to be happy. He doesn’t like travelling – at least not if he is alone in the carrier (that’s how social he is – he needs feline company in his carrier also). 
He is very loving – delights in having his belly rubbed.

He brings forward some old lines in our pedigrees that carry some important features – plenty of silvertipping, medium blue coat, silky textured and close-lying coat, larger cats, and wonderful tempers. It will be very interesting to see how many of these desirable traits he passes on to his kittens with a variety of queens in Scandinavia and Continental Europe.

He is at limited stud, because I would prefer not to find him in all pedigrees in the future – as has happened with other popular studs in the past. 
Also, I prefer not to keep my (male and female) breeding cats whole for more 4 to 5 years at the most. It is my belief that the best life for a cat is as a neutered pet in a loving home. As a breeder, I have to keep some cats whole and breed them, but it is also my responsibility to make sure my cats have the best life possible. So after a breeding carreer of 4 to 5 years, they are neutered and placed in my own group of cats or in a good and loving home as pampered pets.

Click here to see Gigolo's mating:



(CFA 0504-1170102)

GCH. Saang Jahn's Tee Ruk

(CFA 0504-283811)

CH. Raincloud's Gah Boh-t of Saang Jahn

(CFA 0504-194095)

GCH. Jesilieu Somchai of Abel (CFA 0504-000606)

GCH. Saang Jahn's Acorn (CFA 0505-050049)

Saang Jahn's Daawrup

(CFA 0505-160238)

CH. Saang Jahn's Na Rohk (CFA 0504-000529)

CH. Saang Jahn's Bur Neung Puying (CFA 0505-093517)

Udompan of Kon Lek Lek

(CFA 0505-1083070)

CH. Kon Lek Lek Dan Nung Jataka

(CFA 0504-707882)

CH. Syriam Chiangrai of Kon Lek Lek (CFA 0504-517318)

GCH GPR Kon Lek Lek Khawp Jai Sawng (CFA 0505-502912)

Kon Lek Lek Hansa Thon Than

(CFA 0505-1006058)

Kon Lek Lek Kan Kuttit Tu (CFA 0504-919337)

CH. Kon Lek Lek Kukki Kutter (CFA 0505-9191436)


(CFA 0505-1313930)

CH. Cherdawn's Vitte Argent of Klahz

(CFA 0504-1013005)

GCH. Jena's Heisabaffle of Khawngnah

(CFA 0504-748046)

CH. Cherdawn's Eros of Soigne (CFA 504-592742)

CH. Soigne's Silver Belle of Jena (CFA 505-579899)

CH. Cherdawn's Bitte Lille

(CFA 0505-945547)

GCH. Skookumchuck's Tyee Joe (CFA 0504-640153)

Little Bit (CFA 0505-815209)

CH. Soigne's Skylark of Skarraghbrae
(CFA 0505-1278679)

CH. Jing's Stormy Weather of Soigne

(CFA 0504-1078993)

CH. Solna's Ingvar of Gentlegift (CFA 0504-243507)

CH. Jing's Ti Nung Tookta (CFA 0505-693403)

GCH. Soigne's Stardust

(CFA 0505-1070639)

CH. Soigne's Thai Phon of Pewterpaw (CFA 0504-790578)

GCH. Soigne's Fast Tail Tarok (CFA 0505-859934)

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