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Pedigree of

Kiriki Veni Vidi Visa of Primprau

Korat female, born on September 11th, 2001, bred by Ann Segrest, OR, USA


About Visa:

Visa is a very cosmopolitain cat. She is bred in Salem, Oregon, was delivered to me in Rome, Italy, and now lives in Kokkedal, Denmark.

It all started several years ago, when United Korats of the World had its first meeting in Odense, Denmark.

Ann Segrest (Kiriki) came over for the meeting from Salem, Oregon and fell head over heels in love with Primprau’s Wait Watch and Win (aka WWW or WebCat), a stud whom I had just bought back from a breeder in Belgium and was looking forward to using some time in the future. We agreed that Ann would lease him from me till I needed him or a kitten from him back. Things turned out a bit differently – WebCat came to be neutered and live with one of Jean Johnson’s (Cedar Glen) ”helpers”, Claire Dodds (Royale Swan), whom I had gotten to be quite close friends with over email.

Ann promised me I could have a kitten from the WebCat daughter she kept for breeding, Kiriki Charunee. This is Visa – Kiriki Veni Vidi Visa of Primprau.

Visa is a lovely cat with a great attitude – she knows she is delightful and plays on it. Her attitude impresses everyone she meets – people and cats (even dogs). Not all like their impression, but they are not apt to forget it soon.



(CFA 0504-1252335)

GCH. Mayopun Chakotay of Kiriki

(CFA 0504-1057847)

Jing's Silver of Yellowstone

(CFA 0504-1000219)

CH. Sterling Silver's Saravan (CFA 0504-635547)

Jing's Hope (CFA 0505-999991)

Jing's Thai Skai

(CFA 0505-1000244)

CH. Jing's Danny Boy of Bangalspride (CFA 0504-877045)

Jing's Pooki (CFA 0505-770812)

GCH. Kiriki Camas Lily

(CFA 0505-1006750)

Ch. 4ever Ah'Lahd Den of Gentlegift

(CFA 0504-861217)

Jaltari's Baby Jason of 4ever (CFA 0504-781655)

Jing's Crystal of 4ever (CFA 0505-652159)

GCH. Dennigan's Chalaht of Kiriki

(CFA 0505-799734)

CH. Mr. Tong Kum of Gentlegift (CFA 0504-736637)

GCH. Kiriki Washushe DM (CFA 0505-688387)


(CFA 0505-1290504 )

CH. Primprau's Wait Watch and Win

(CFA 0504-1249283)

IC. IP. Yang Chen Ma Hoo Who's, DM

(FIFe LFD 74292)

Ch. Tatha-Gata Azmara Kamala Blue (CFA 504-205487)

Ch. Si Sawat Phuket of Yang Chen Ma (CFA 505-496336)

GIC. Sawat's Kirilin

(FIFe LFD 69510)

EC. Ayapur's Racha (SVERAK 51578)

IC. Jona's Da Lin (FIFe NRR 100809)

GCH. Kiriki Tantima
(CFA 0505-1180037)

CH. Solna's Ingvar of Gentlegift

(CFA 0504-243507)

GCH. Jesilieu Pong To Ko of Solna (CFA 0504-000386)

Solna's Lagniappe (CFA 0505-243496)

GCH. RW. Kiriki Will O' the Wisp

(CFA 0505-942762)

Ch. 4ever Ah'Lahd Den of Gentlegift (CFA 0504-861217)

GCH. Kiriki Washushe DM (CFA 0505-688387)

Please, notify if any missing title or spelling errors occur in this pedigree. Thanks a lot!







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